Alcohol and other drugs

Find out about the PHN’s role in commissioning alcohol and other drugs services across our catchment
The PHN uses service mapping, community consultation and local health data to understand the kind of services needed across our catchment. Improving access to and affordability of alcohol and other drugs services is a priority for Primary Health Networks across the country.

Service providers are selected based on community need. In some communities, we may work with rehabilitation services to offer withdrawal treatment for those experiencing mild to moderate risk. We may also work with counselling and crisis services to target those using methamphetamine (ice) and other drugs. After hours services in certain regions have also been selected as a priority area.

The PHN understands the need for support and guidance for families of those affected by alcohol and other drugs use. Family support services and crisis hotlines will be established, dependent on the local need. Loved ones can play a vital role in recovery and the PHN is committed to providing holistic recovery services for our communities.