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Local clinical connections are more important than ever. Regional clinical societies foster practitioner relationships by providing a platform in which the primary healthcare workforce can come together to make friends, network, learn new information and have fun in a collaborative, knowledge-sharing space. Country to Coast, QLD, will be establishing 9 new clinical societies across our network. 

We welcome all health professionals and healthcare workers and students, working in primary care, general practice, allied health, community health, Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health, Hospital and Health Service, aged care and pharmacy settings to the events.


The theme for August and September is Strengthening Pathways - Dementia: A localised approach, and includes speakers, insights and an energetic space to share and collaborate. This event is CPD pointed.

We are inspired by the more than 180 health professionals who joined us across Central Queensland and Wide Bay regions at our first 5 Clinical Society events held in August. Take a look at the Rockhampton Event highlights video above. 

The CCQ events provide health professionals with education, support integrated care and build professional connections. The lively discussions about dementia also provided valuable insights into dementia care practices and local challenges and opportunities to enhance dementia care for individuals and their carers.

Register now and for Sunshine Coast & Gympie Clinical Society events below.

Gympie, 5th September:

  • Dr Sanjay Gangadharan, Specialist Geriatrician, Sunshine Coast Health.
  • Julianna Neill, Accredited Pharmacist, Pharmacy for Life, Sunshine Coast.
  • Corinne Lewis, State Manager and Julie Wall, Dementia Consultant, Dementia Support Australia.
Noosa, 6th September:
  • Dr Richard Kwee, Geriatrician, Senior Medical Officer, Sunshine Coast Health.
  • Corinne Lewis, State Manager and Kristen Farmer, Dementia Consultant, Laurel Eddy, Dementia Consultant, Dementia Support Australia.
  • Di Rigby, Senior Operations Supervisor, QAS
Nambour, 12th September:
  • Dr Shona Baker, Geriatrician, Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service.
  • Julianna Neill, Accredited Pharmacist, Pharmacy for Life Sunshine Coast.
  • Louise Charlton, State Manager and Cheryl Allen, Dementia Consultant, Dementia Support Australia.
Caloundra, 13th September:
  • Paige Martinez, Senior Manager Palliative Care and End of Life Care CCQ - Dementia: Understanding localised needs.
  • Dr Li Yann Lim, Geriatrician and Senior Medical Officer, Sunshine Coast Health - Dementia: A forgotten disease?
  • Dr Matthew Cooper, SMO Specialist Palliative Care; Julia Swan, Nurse Practitioner Specialist Palliative Care; Dr Wendy Kinton, End of Life Program Manager - Palliative Care in the context of Dementia.
  • Louise Charlton, State Manager for Dementia Support Australia (DSA) - Introduction to DSA services.

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