Data extraction tools, data quality and benchmarking reports for practices.
If you would like to start receiving benchmarking reports, please contact your Practice Support Officer.

Improve data quality

PHNs across the nation have been commissioned to improve the delivery of primary care. To support and deliver on these priorities effectively in our region we need the relevant population health data to inform us and the service providers in our region.

Why share data

The data sharing process allows for the compliant, safe and secure sharing of deidentifed population health data to the PHN for the provision of improved primary care support. The processes also sees the supply of practice and population health planning tools allowing practices to interrogate their own patient data to identify data gaps and at risk patients seeing practices mitigate risk and increase patient health outcomes.

About CAT Plus

The PHN are pleased to announce that we have purchased licences for Pen CS for the full suite of CAT Plus products for practice and population health planning.

The CAT Plus solution provides decision support to health providers at the point of engagement, extracts general practice data for practice analysis and aggregates general practice data for service planning, reporting and population health needs.

Three target areas

CAT Plus is a combination of technologies that directly targets three primary care layers to improve patient health outcomes; the Patient (Topbar) , the Practice (CAT4)  and the Population (PAT) .

Receive benchmarking reports

The PHN also provides practices with a ‘Practice Quality Benchmarking Report’ highlighting risk and quality improvement opportunities against accreditation indicators and evidence based clinical guidelines.


Last Updated on July 11, 2023.