Our executive

The PHN recognises that an organisation is only as strong as its people. We seek the most qualified and experienced people to join the team, and our organisation boasts an incredible array of skills and backgrounds across a range of sectors and geographic locations.
Julie Sturgess – Chief Executive Officer

Julie has over 30 years’ experience in the health care sector as a clinician, and senior management executive. Her experience encompasses roles such as CEO of a primary care provider, Director of clinical service design and innovation and Senior Director for strategy and governance in Queensland Government and Principal Health Specialist for Telstra Health. Most recently she was CEO of Healthy North Coast, where the team focused on transforming health services at a system level to deliver better health outcomes via the PHN program.

These roles required extensive knowledge across both government and non-government organisations, and an understanding of metropolitan, regional and rural health settings. Julie has predominantly focused on managing the provision of healthcare services and improving access for patients across a range of environments through delivering innovative and sustainable solutions for care which promote optimum safety, quality and efficiency whilst recognising the unique requirements of each community.

Julie has a keen interest in the opportunities that eHealth will drive in changing the face of healthcare delivery, and is an avid follower of the potential service offerings that artificial intelligence, modelling and remote technologies will offer in primary care. Having worked with Northern Territory Health to establish the National Telehealth Connection service, she has seen the benefits demonstrated through increasing the delivery of health services to remote indigenous communities.

But technology is only one part of system reform. Julie’s other passion is the exploration of governance and funding models which will promote a greater focus on long term health outcomes through the recognition and increased investment in the social determinants of health.