What is the GP WPP program?

The purpose of the General Practice Workforce Prioritisation Project (GP WPP) is to support the transition of the AGPT Program to the college-led general practice training through the provision of robust, independent evidence-based advice on planning and prioritisation of GP training placements to meet GP workforce needs - both now, and for the future.


Survey for General Practitioners

Survey for Practice Managers

The program aims include the provision of independent, regionally based analysis and advice to the Department on current and future GP workforce needs and training capacity to inform the distribution and placement of GP registrars.

Stakeholder engagement will be critical to this project. CCQ will look to engage our stakeholders early and often to grow stakeholder confidence that GP WPP activities will provide robust analysis to the GP colleges regarding the workforce needs and training capacity of the Central Queensland, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast regions.

CCQ will contact practices to undertake stakeholder forums throughout the region, in order  to test prioritisation recommendations and foster collaboration with relevant stakeholders. Your support for the Program will enhance the ability of the reports to integrate the data, insights and expertise into the formulation of advice for CCQ.


CCQ is part of a Queensland PHN Consortium selected by the Australian Government Department of Health and Aged Care (the Department) to deliver the Australian General Practice Training (AGPT) Workforce Planning and Prioritisation (GP WPP) program in Queensland.

To support the transition to the college-led training model, we are working closely with the Department, The Royal Australian College of General Practitioners (RACGP) and the Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine (ACRRM), along with a range of key stakeholders.

What is COUNTRY TO COAST, QLD's (CCQ) role?

In line with the overall QLD Consortium’s role in delivering this program, CCQ's role is to support the development of our region's workforce needs and training capacity reports to guide the GP colleagues in their selection and placement allocation processes. As a member of the Queensland Consortium, CCQ is responsible for leading stakeholder engagement across our Central QLD, Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast region. Utilising both qualitative and quantitative data, CCQ will provide advice tailored to reflect the needs of our region.

From 2024, an assessment of training pathways in each PHN region will be undertaken to document options that enable single-placement registrar training and identify where gaps exist that necessitate registrar rotation.


For further information on the program or to get in touch, contact your local CCQ team via email workforcedevelopment@c2coast.org.au.

18 May 2023