New General Practice in Aged Care Incentive (GPACI) to improve access to primary care 

In News by PHN Communications

The Australian Department of Health is developing the General Practice in Aged Care Incentive (GPACI) funding a $112 million investment in aged care over four years. The new program will give aged care residents better access to high-quality, continuous and person-centred primary care.

GPACI will support every aged care resident to receive quality primary care services from a regular general practitioner and practice, improving continuity of care and reducing avoidable hospitalisations.

The program will start on 1 August 2024, and access will only be available through MyMedicare, with both the general practice and Residential Aged Care Home (RACH) resident to be registered.

To support the GPs, practices and RACHs to participate in GPACI, PHNs will soon receive funding to match residents with a regular primary care provider in MyMedicare, if they do not already have one.

PHNs in regions experiencing thin markets will also be funded to commission services in areas where there is a lack of providers or practices willing to provide this care. This will ensure all residential aged care residents can access continuous wrap-around care.

For more information about MyMedicare, see this Department of Health and Aged Care webpage or CCQ’s MyMedicare webpage, which contains the following resources: