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9 out of 10 Australians will now have a My Health Record

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The Australian Digital Health Agency has announced that nine out of 10 Australians now have a My Health Record following the creation of records after the  opt-out period ended.

What does this mean for GPs?

As part of a consult, GPs can activate a patient’s My Health Record through the clinical software, following an IHI match-up (if the patient has not opted out).

More information is available on downloading and verifying a patient’s IHI.


There is no change to A GP’s current obligation which has a calculated minimum number of Shared Health Summary uploads as a function of your SWIPE and active patient database.

It is important that GPs start embedding the use of My Health Record into clinical practice and regularly upload relevant key information that may be useful for other healthcare providers in the patient’s direct care.

For more information on My Health Record for General Practice visit

If you require assistance or support with using My Health Record, please contact your local Digital Health Officer or Health Systems Improvement Officer.

For your patients

The Agency has released 40 new pages on the My Health Record website to support consumers to use their My Health Record. This includes new navigation, improved readability and resources such as videos. This update will allow people to easily find answers to common enquiries about using their My Health Record without the need to call the help line for assistance.

While the opt-out period ended on 31 January 2019, Australians can cancel and have their My Health Record permanently deleted from the system at any time in the future. Similarly, people who may have opted out can create a record at any stage if they choose.