Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander immunisation resources

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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander resources: ‘Get the facts about immunisation’

Phase 3 of the Childhood Immunisation Education Campaign – ‘Get the facts about immunisation’ (the Campaign) launched in January to encourage Australian parents and carers to get their kids vaccinated.

A focus of this extension of the Campaign is to promote vaccination for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander children, by sharing the benefits of childhood vaccination and encouraging timely completion of the childhood immunisation schedule.

When a child is immunised, it helps to protect them as well as the whole community from serious disease. It’s important that children receive their vaccines on time, every time, for the best protection. If a child is late they should catch up as soon as possible.

A range of communication resources have been developed and are hosted on the Campaign website resource page.

To find out more, visit the ‘Get the facts about immunisation’ campaign site.