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People living with epilepsy may be eligible for the NDIS

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A person may be eligible for support under the NDIS depending on the functional impact that the epilepsy has on their life – in the areas of mobility, communication, social interaction, learning, employment, self-care or self-management.

Accessing support

If a person was previously receiving state-based funding, they may have a streamlined eligibility and access process. They will need to contact the National Disability Insurance Agency on 1800 800 110.

Alternatively, if a person has not previously received state-based funding, they will need to apply for the NDIS by completing the Access Request Form. This can be obtained by phoning the NDIA on 1800 800 110.

Tips for health professionals

The access and eligibility focus is on the functional impact (of a person’s diagnosis on their life, rather than the medical impact of their diagnosis). For example:

  • Diagnosis: Neurological disability/epilepsy
  • Medical impact: Experiences regular seizures
  • Functional impact: Requires assistance from support staff for activities of daily life / unable to gain employment / unable to independently access the community due to regularity of seizures etc.
  • An OT may be required to develop a report identifying the functional impact. A person may be eligible for a Primary Health Care Plan through the GP for this assessment.
  • The Disbursement Support Scheme is available for people who are unable to fund the necessary reports to support their access and eligibility.

For more information, contact Leonie Hogarth, Services Development Officer, Epilepsy Queensland on 07 3435 5000 or