Grief, Bereavement and Prolonged Grief Disorder

2021thu27may10:00 amthu11:30 amGrief, Bereavement and Prolonged Grief Disorder

Event Details

Webinar Overview

Prolonged Grief Disorder (PGD) is a clinically important condition that until very recently has been overlooked in medical and psychiatric practice, in mental health research, and in our official diagnostic nomenclature. In the last year, PGD has finally become recognised as a mental condition by both the ICD-11 and DSM-5-TR. Its recognition is of great consequence because the syndrome occirs with relative frequency, characterises a population at high risk for ongoing distress, suffering, medical morbidity, and psychiatric comorbidity. For individuals with PGD, ongoing life may seem empty, unrewarding and untenable, and recurrent thoughts of ‘joining’ the deceased are common. PGD can be diagnosed by history alone, and when properly managed, can carry an excellent prognosis. Time limited, grief-focussed psychotherapy is the treatment of choice. This presentation will describe diagnostic clues, differential diagnosis, risk factors and treatment.

This webinar has been designed for Psychiatrists, Clinical Psychologists and other Mental Heath providers.

Learning Outcomes

What can participants expect to have learned after attending this webinar:

  • Describe key characteristic and features of acute and integrated grief.
  • Describe key characteristic and features of Prolonged Grief Disorder.
  • Differentiate Prolonged Grief Disorders for ordinary grief, Major Depressive Disorder and Post-traumatic Stress Disorder.
  •  Learn an evidence-based treatment approach to Prolonged Grief Disorder.



(Thursday) 10:00 am - 11:30 am AEST