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Are you interested in shaping the guidelines for referrals around persistent pain?

In Central Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay by PHN Communications

Queensland Health’s Clinical Excellence Division is currently seeking nominations from clinicians to be involved in the development of referral criteria (Clinical Prioritisation Criteria) for Persistent Pain Specialist Outpatient Services.

The referral criteria aim to ensure equitable and timely access to specialist outpatient services and include the minimal information that needs to be included with the referral as well as how the referral will be categorised. Currently criteria have been developed for 268 conditions across 17 specialty areas and cover adult and paediatric conditions.

Published criteria can be seen on the CPC website ( Over 500 clinicians across medical, nursing, allied health and general practice have volunteered as members of Clinical Advisory Groups to guide the development of these criteria.

The persistent pain criteria will cover both adult and paediatric populations. It is anticipate the process will take 6-12 months to develop. If you are interested in joining the Clinical Advisory Group or you would like further information please contact the CPC team on 3328 9140 or as soon as possible. This work will commence soon.