Lung Foundation launch COPD campaign

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This Winter, Come Prepared

That’s the message from the Lung Foundation, who have launched their winter campaign encouraging health professionals and people living with COPD to Come Prepared and prevent a COPD flare-up by developing a COPD Action Plan.

During the winter months there are lots of people around who may be unwell with a cold or flu. This can be a dangerous time for someone who has Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD) and catching these viruses can put them at risk of a flare-up.

COPD is the most common cause of potentially preventable hospitalisations.

Preventing a flare-up is important because, if left untreated, it can mean hospitalisation, and each flare-up also does further damage to the lungs. Know the early signs of a flare-up because the sooner treatment is accessed, the quicker their recovery is likely to be. These include:

  • Coughing more than usual.
  • Finding it harder to breathe than usual.
  • Any change in sputum (phlegm).
  • Feeling more tired and less active than usual.

Come prepared this winter by completing a COPD Action Plan. This simple tool will help you to recognise when your symptoms change or worsen and what action you need to take.

Don’t assume, plan. Know what you need to do to prevent COPD flare-ups this winter. Download the COPD Action Plan here.