National Bowel Screening program extended to 45-49 year olds

In Sunshine Coast by PHN Communications

There are upcoming changes to the National Bowel Screening Program.

From 1 July 2024, the Department of Health is lowering the eligible screening age for the program from 50 to 45 years of age.

What does this mean for patients aged 45-49?

Eligible people aged 45 to 49 can be reminded by your practice to request their first bowel cancer screening kit to be mailed to them, through the National Bowel Screening Program. 

50-74 year olds will continue to receive kits in the mail

Eligible people aged 50 to 74 will continue to receive a bowel cancer screening kit in the mail every 2 years.

Where can General Practice Learn more?

More information for General Practice is found on CCQ HealthPathways.

Patient Resources:

Self-serve at the National Cancer Screening Register Participant Portalcomplete a webform or call 1800 627 701.