Queensland General Practice Liaison Network releases 2023 Annual Report

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In partnership, Clinical Excellence Queensland and Country to Coast, QLD deliver the Queensland General Practice Liaison (QGPL) Network, integrating the patient journey of care across the interface between general practice and hospital care.

The QGPL Network focuses on clinical communication and transfer of care, facilitating collaborative care and interprofessional education and engagement.

The QGPL Network is celebrating the release of the 2022-23 Queensland General Practice Liaison (QGPL) Network Annual Report, which outlines some of the innovative models of care developed across the health services, including:

  • the success and expansion of the General Practitioners with Special Interest (GPSI) model of care
  • the Darling Downs shared model of care for breast cancer using HealthPathways as the communication mechanism
  • the Queensland General Practitioner Maternity Shared Care Network.

For more information about the QGPL, visit Queensland General Practice Liaison Network (qgpl.org.au)