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LEVEL: Consumer
REFERENCE: RC-2022-RN-01425-1
DATE AGREED: 23/11/2022
PRODUCT: Aspire Superlite Adjustable Seat Walker
Product code: WAF709650CH
Serial number Identification: beginning with 727584 ARTG 313863 (Aidacare Pty Ltd – Walking aid)
SPONSOR: Aidacare Pty Ltd CONTACT INFORMATION: 02 8706 2300 – Aidacare Product Team – prodg@adacare.com.au


Aidacare has identified an issue with the Aspire Superlite Adjustable Seat Walker. The nut securing the frame’s cross brace in place may become loose over time leading to the frame becoming unstable.

The health risk associated with this issue is increased falls risk that may lead to physical harm to the user. This action does not affect any other serial numbers of Aspire Superlite Adjustable Seat Walkers or any other Aidacare products.


Aidacare ask customers to: 1. Inspect their stock immediately. 2. Complete the acknowledgement form immediately even if they do not have any affected stock and return it to the company. 3. Read the customer letter for temporary solutions to the problem whilst awaiting the correction kit. 4. Ensure relevant staff members are informed of this recall. 5. If they have supplied or transferred any potentially affected product to another facility or organisation, let that facility know of the recall immediately. 6. Aidacare will supply defect correction kits per the quantity of affected stock identified and reported and returned in the attached acknowledgement form.

The sponsor is expected to dispatch letters to all affected customers within two working days of the agreed date. Please do not contact the sponsor for further information unless you believe that you have the goods under recall and have not received a recall letter. Product Distribution: 92 facilities nationally and 406 private individuals Product export status: N/A This issue was first identified by the Sponsor This information has been published in the TGA’s searchable database, the System for Australian Recall Actions (SARA) – https://apps.tga.gov.au/Prod/sara/arn-detail.aspx?k=RC-2022-RN-01425-1 *For further details about Recall Actions, please refer to http://tga.gov.au/safety/recalls-about.htm