World Asthma Day

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7 May 2019 is World Asthma Day.

To mark the day, the National Asthma Council has released and answered Australians’ top 6 questions about asthma – from using spacers to asthma diagnosis in older Australians; how to manage asthma when pregnant and the effect of fragrances on asthma and allergies.


Advice for patients

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Spacers, do adults and children need them? I’ve heard conflicting advice.Everyone who uses a metered dose inhaler (mdi) or puffer for their medications should use a spacer as breathing the medicine in through a spacer allows more of it to reach the small airways of the lungs and helps prevent side effects.Spacer Use and Care Factsheet
I’ve got asthma and I’m pregnant; should I avoid or stop taking my asthma medication?Many women find their asthma changes during pregnancy. Medications for asthma have been shown to be very safe for both mother and baby and stopping them can put your baby at risk. Discuss your medications and how to take them before and during pregnancy with your doctor.Pregnancy and Asthma Factsheet
I take medications for allergic rhinitis related to my asthma. Should I try complementary therapies?When considering complementary therapies, look at whether studies have been done which provide evidence that the therapy is proven to work for asthma. If there is insufficient evidence, the complementary therapy is not recommended.Complementary Therapy Brochure
Is there a link between asthma and reflux?Gastric reflux can mimic asthma or for those with asthma, reflux can make the symptoms worse. Discuss reflux management with your doctor.Asthma and Healthy Living
I’m over 65. How can I tell if it’s really asthma or if it’s emphysema?Some people develop asthma for the first time in later adulthood. Discuss breathing problems with your doctor and undertake lung function testing as undiagnosed asthma is risky, or there could be another condition such as COPD or emphysema present.Adult asthma factsheet
Is there a connection between fragranced consumer products and asthma?People who have asthma can have a variety of triggers so fragrances may affect some people and make their asthma symptoms worse. It’s important to understand your asthma triggers as this may help to keep your asthma well controlled.Asthma triggers