The Consumer Advisory Council has been established in accordance with the Department of Health Standard Funding Agreement to provide a community perspective to the CCQ Board ensuring decisions, investments, and innovations are patient centred, cost-effective, locally relevant and aligned to local care experiences and expectations.


The purpose of the Consumer Council is to ensure that consumers, community members and people with lived experience contribute to the activities and objectives of CCQ and allows consumers to make representations to CCQ and practitioners more broadly.


The Consumer Council will be responsible for:

  • Providing leadership, advice and support to the CCQ Board and staff around partnering with the community
  • Monitoring and evaluating the Community Engagement Framework and community engagement strategies
  • Ensuring the community is informed and engaged in planning, design, monitoring and evaluating CCQ activities and commissioned services
  • Providing advice and identifying opportunities for engagement with consumers, community and people with lived experience
  • Providing advice on seeking input from the community on specific health issues and priorities
  • Commenting and providing a community perspective on priority CCQ policy, plans, programs and other activities.  

Updated 18 July 2023