COVID-ATAGI latest, Fourth Booster, Obesity Surgery, Shingles Prevention, DOAC Safety

2022tue15mar6:00 pmtue8:00 pmCOVID-ATAGI latest, Fourth Booster, Obesity Surgery, Shingles Prevention, DOAC Safety

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COVID Update – Prof Robert Booy
Find out what’s new in the world of COVID with one of Australia’s leading experts in the field.
In this presentation, Prof Robert Booy will update health professionals on the latest developments in managing the COVID-19 pandemic here in Australia. Find out where we are up to in terms of vaccinating children, options for both vaccinations and boosters and issues surrounding the infection itself..

Iron Deficiency in Chronic Disease Is Often Missed – Case Studies – Dr Patrick Coleman
It’s a common but often missed condition – iron-deficiency of chronic disease.
According to nephrologist Dr Patrick Coleman, untreated iron-deficiency anaemia is occurring all too frequently in patients with chronic disease. And the morbidity associated with this condition can be significant. This presentation will cover a series of case studies which demonstrate the impact of iron deficiency anaemia among a number of chronic disease patients and illustrates the signs, symptoms and importance of early detection and treatment..

When do COPD patients need ICS? – Dr Christopher Worsnop
Get up-to-date on the latest thinking about using corticosteroids in COPD.
Prescribing inhaled corticosteroids in COPD has become a very controversial issue. Clinicians want to know that the benefits are likely to outweigh the risks before prescribing, or else they could be causing harm to the patient. In this talk, respiratory and sleep physician, A/Prof Christopher Worsnop presents a comprehensive framework for health professionals assessing COPD patients and outlines an evidence-based approach to management that includes how to decide whether inhaled corticosteroids are appropriate and how, when and for how long they should be used.

Pertussis in Older Australians – More Serious than you Think – Dr Lisa Beecham
Older adults are known to be the ‘infection reservoir’ for pertussis in the community, and yet the disease frequently goes unrecognised, leading to delays in diagnosis and treatment. In this talk, Dr Beecham outlines the key features of pertussis as it appears in adults, when to suspect it, and how to diagnose and treat it. Importantly, she will also address the issue of pertussis prevention for this cohort and the opportunities that exist to reduce the morbidity and mortality from whooping cough by targeting older adults.


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