2021PODCAST SERIES: Iron Matters

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IRON-MATTERS is a series of interviews by and for medical and health practitioners focusing on hereditary haemochromatosis. The series is intended to provide general practitioners with in-depth information about this genetic chronic condition. Topics include:

  • diagnosis in general practice with GP Dr Robert Menz
  • the genetics of haemochromatosis with clinical geneticist Prof Martin Delatycki
  • haemochromatosis and the liver with gastroenterologist Prof John Olynyk
  • haemochromatotic arthropathy with rheumatologist Prof Graeme Carroll
  • iron and the heart with cardiologist Prof David Playford
  • best practice in venesection with nurse specialist Cindy Bryant
  • Australian Red Cross Lifeblood therapeutic venesection program with Dr Peter Bentley
  • bodily iron regulation with haematologist Prof Sant-Rayn Pasricha.

The first episode was published 1 June 2020. Future episodes will be published every two weeks.

  • Episode 1: Diagnosing haemochomatosis in general practice
  • Episode 2: Genetic screening for haemochomoatosis
  • Episode 3: Lifeblood’s therapeutic donor program with Dr Pater Bentley
  • Episode 4: Haemochromatosis and arthritis with Prof Graeme Carroll
  • Episode 5: Haemochromatosis and iron in the body with gastroenterologist Prof John Olynk
  • Episode 6: Haemochromatosis and the effects of iron overload on the body’s organs
  • Episode 7: Treating haemochromatosis by venesection
  • Episode 8: Haemochromatosis and Other Iron Disorders with Haematologist Prof Sant-Reyn Pasricha
  • Episode 9: Iron Overload in the Heart – Part 1
  • Episode 10: Iron Overload in the Heart – Part 2


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