The AZ Vaccine - Clot Risks and Questions about Herd Immunity

2021tue25may7:00 pmtue9:00 pmThe AZ Vaccine - Clot Risks and Questions about Herd Immunity

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The AZ Vaccine – Clot Risks and Questions about Herd Immunity – Dr Michelle Ananda-Rajah
The AZ vaccine is a key part of the Australian COVID prevention strategy. However, we must ask ourselves whether or not the risk of adverse effects, especially clots, is acceptable in the Australian context where COVID is more or less under control. This is a vital issue to grasp if we are to make reliable recommendations to our patients. Furthermore, we must take a close look at whether or not the efficacy of the AZ vaccine is high enough for us to achieve herd immunity. As the public becomes increasingly hesitant with regard to the AZ vaccine, the likelihood of us vaccinating enough of the population to achieve herd immunity diminishes rapidly. Michelle will walk us through the data, help us understand our role as GPs and look at what can be done to get our patients and the country back on track to long term protection against COVID19.

Acute Lower Back Pain – Guidelines vs Real World – Joyce McSwan
LBP is one of the leading causes of diminished quality of life and disability worldwide.  In primary healthcare, it is one of the most common presenting ailments. Keeping up to date with the guideline changes and proposed models of care will provide currency of practice for best outcomes.  Early management of acute low back pain will limit its progression to chronicity.  This session will provide an update of the current evidence based practice in the management of acute low back pain.

Cardiac CTs – Patient Selection and What This Test Means – Prof David Playford
Why is coronary calcium score so important? Prof Playford will explain why coronary CT is the single best test to identify the presence of coronary atherosclerosis, which is the actual pathology that causes AMI. Stress tests are useful but they don’t directly detect the pathology itself! Coronary calcium scores give the doctor the necessary information to treat and prevent atheroscloerosis-related cardiac events as well as improve symptoms. This lecture is essential to develop clear understanding of how best to use cardiac CT.

The New Zoster Vaccine – Prof Tony Cunningham AO
Soon, a new and important vaccine for Herpes Zoster prevention will be available in Australia. Prof Cunningham will describe in practical detail the evidence for its effectiveness, safety profile, indications and contraindications and what advantages it has over the currently available options.

LARCs – Myths and Misperceptions – Dr Terri Foran
LARCs are an important set of effective contraceptive options that Australian women should be more aware of. The ease of use and reliability should make them the first option for many women, yet they are not as widely used as they should be. Dr Foran will dispel some of the major myths and misperceptions that seem to impact LARC uptake, and provide practical advice on how to effectively communicate those with your patient.

RACGP: 4 CPD activity points applied for
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