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Persistent Pain – Innovation and Interdisciplinary Care is the focus for Round 3 of Country to Coast QLD’s Clinical Societies events, identified by Round 2 participants as the highest priority topic in Central Queensland, and the second highest priority topic for Wide Bay and Sunshine Coast.

Chronic pain is a significant issue in Australia, affecting over 3.24 million people, with an estimated one in five adults living with persistent ongoing pain. This number is projected to increase to 5 million people by 2050.  It is Australia’s third most costly health burden, with an estimated annual economic cost of $34.3 billion.

More people are seeing their GP for chronic pain, with patient encounters having risen by 67% over 10 years. Best practice for chronic pain management involves person-centered, holistic, interdisciplinary care and support with a focus on self-management.  Unfortunately, while the prescription of pain medication in Australia has increased markedly over the last 30 years, non-drug therapies have had a much slower uptake.

Continuous professional development in persistent pain management is essential for clinicians to provide high quality and comprehensive care to their patients. Good pain management can transform a person’s quality of life, allowing people to work or study and participate in the community. This topic aims to strengthen how local general practice and allied health work can work together to support people with chronic pain, using evidence-based, interdisciplinary care models, novel support programs and digital solutions.

With limited specialist pain services available in our region when compared to the number of people experiencing persistent pain, Country to Coast, QLD is also keen to hear from participants about how the local system is functioning in relation to the management and prevention of persistent pain, and opportunities for improvement.

Round 3 sessions will be held in all regions throughout February and March, with the first session commencing in Emerald from 20 February 2024.

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