Fostering healthy ageing in our community

In News by Jodie McHarry

In collaboration with our communities, partners and stakeholders, CCQ recently launched the “Ageing Well in our Region: A Healthy Ageing Strategy 2022 – 2027”. The strategy outlines the PHN’s strategic vision, to ensure that as people age, they have value in the community and are empowered to live the life of their choice. 

The strategy details the action required by a range of key agencies to deliver the regions vision for older people.  The strategy is also aligned is aligned to the PHN’s overarching strategic plan to build healthier communities through primary health outcomes and the actions articulated in the strategy align to the PHN’s overarching strategic vision to achieve ‘healthy, resilient, connected communities – country to coast.’ 

Servicing a population of 976,789 covering 12 Local Government Areas across Central Queensland, Wide Bay and the Sunshine Coast, our PHN region is home to diverse communities that are ageing and growing rapidly. Older people make a significant contribution to our society, economically, socially and intellectually as mentors, leaders and skilled workers and volunteers. Health is fundamental to being able to live well, age well and continue to participate in family and community life. 

The strategy outlines the actions needed to foster healthy ageing and enable people in our communities to maintain their physical, cognitive and social functional ability for as long as possible. 

Through the four strategic priority areas identified in the strategy, key actions will aim to assist people to stay healthy, well and independent throughout their lives, ensure adequate care is accessible and contribute to a progressive, sustainable and equitable aged care system. 

This strategy represents a great opportunity to improve the health outcomes for older people in our region and achieve greater coordination and integration of efforts in older people’s health across the health continuum, life-course and the spectrum of primary health care.  

It was recognised, in development of this strategy, that a whole of-society response was required, working together and in collaboration across all sectors and agencies.  

CCQ Chief Executive Officer Pattie Hudson said, she was delighted with the collaborative effort, from our partners and stakeholders across our local community, Queensland and Australia, over a six-month period, to develop this strategy and agreed approach moving forward. 

“The development of the strategy is a key step in our organisational commitment to ongoing continuous improvement as we seek to build age-friendly communities and transform systems to meet primary and preventative healthcare needs for older people in our region.” 

“I look forward to playing our part in seeing this strategy come to life, and the improved health outcomes as a result, as we strive to improve the lives of older people, their families and their communities” she said. 

The “Ageing Well in our Region: A Healthy Ageing Strategy 2022 – 2027” is available to view and download from the CCQ website: