Grants to aid further study in Parkinson’s care

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The Australian College of Nursing (ACN) is now offering a Postgraduate Unit of Study Parkinson’s Care. This is a national initiative that highlights the importance of the role of Parkinson’s Nurse Specialists across communities, especially in regional areas where access to  neurology services is limited.

Parkinson’s Queensland Inc (PQI), has advised it will be  providing grants or awards to four Queensland based registered nurses who take up the Parkinson’s Care Post Graduate Unit of Study.

There will be five awards of up to $2,500 each for Queensland based registered nurses to a total of $7,500.

Parkinson’s Queensland sees this offer as a positive step towards encouraging greater engagement with nurses who have an interest in Parkinson’s Care.

In addition, a Travel / Study Award up to $5,000 will be provided to enable either a registered nurse; health professional; or allied health professional to gain financial assistance to attend a Parkinson’s related conference or educational course; symposium, forum or other similar educational
opportunities; whether they be domestic or international.

What about the local need?

It is estimated that 440 people with Parkinson’s reside on the Fraser coast and 17,000 in Queensland. Given the demographics of our region and average age at diagnosis is 62 years, we can expect to see an increase in the
incidence of Parkinson’s in the coming years.

On average, 32 people are diagnosed with Parkinson’s every day in Australia and over 8,500 people with Parkinson’s are living in aged care facilities where nurses are not usually trained in the care of these patients who have very complex needs.

Parkinson’s patients have special nursing requirements when they are admitted to hospital or reside in an aged care facility. Currently, most Parkinson’s nurses in Queensland are employed in private practice leaving a serious shortfall in hospitals and aged care facilities where these services are urgently required.

More information

For further information about the course please contact ACN on T 1800 265 534 or email

You can find more information about the Parkinson’s Unit of study on the Australian College of Nursing website.