Help reduce Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander hospitalisation

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The aim of the Preventable Hospitalisation Program (PHP) is to support Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people living with existing chronic health conditions who may be at risk of admission, or have been admitted, to hospital.

The PHP provides person-centred care in the community, and empowers clients to self-manage their condition.

The range of support clients can receive includes home and centre-based visits, falls risk assessment, and support to engage with an appropriate general practitioner to undertake an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Check, known under the Medicare code 715.

Further support is also available to suit specific clients’ needs, which can include referrals to other services or into clinics run under the PHP including eye health, breast screening, diabetes and exercise physiology.

Clients have the opportunity to have support from both male and female health workers, a clinical nurse and exercise physiologist over specified course time.

A coordinator, administration officer and assistant project officer, as well as health promotion activity support the Preventable Hospitalisation Program, and a drop in referral service is available as needed.

Closing the Gap is everyone’s business and referring to the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander PHP team is easy via the Community Referral Intake Service Form.

Simply fill out as much information as possible, check the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Health Team box, and if you want your client to see a particular resource such as a health worker, exercise physiologist or clinical nurse, add that information in.

Give the Preventable Hospitalisation Program team a call if you would like more information on 5479 9852.

Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islander health is everybody’s business.