Nambour General Hospital redevelopment confirmed

In Sunshine Coast by PHN Communications

In a letter to stakeholders, the Board Chair and Chief Executive have confirmed a multimillion dollar redevelopment of the Nambour General Hospital.

Construction on the $86 million project is expected to commence in the first quarter of 2019 and will be completed in December 2022.

The redevelopment will deliver:

  • expansion of wards (inpatient units) including mental health services, surgical services and medical services with a focus on families and older persons.
  • expansion of the emergency department with additional beds
  • new medical imaging equipment with increased service capacity
  • new and spacious Acute and Restorative Care ward (inpatient unit)
  • a new same day rehabilitation service model to encourage the transferring of care from an inpatient to ambulatory setting
  • expansion and collocation of short stay wards
  • Medical Assessment Planning Unit, Short Stay Unit and Surgical Decision Unit, in close proximity to the emergency department and surgical services to improve patient flows
  • Improved designed of renal dialysis unit, surgical cleaning facility (Central Sterilising Unit), Oncology and Day Unit Infusion Therapy units, and kitchen facilities.