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GPs and health providers invited to participate in SISTAQUIT trial

In Central Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay by PHN Communications

The SISTAQUIT™ trial aims to improve health providers’ skills when offering smoking cessation care to pregnant Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander women.

Pregnancy is an important window of opportunity for GPs and health providers to help smokers quit. This intervention provides webinar-based training in evidence based and culturally competent smoking cessation care for providers working within Aboriginal Medical and Health Services.

The study comprises a cluster randomised controlled trial. A comparison will be made between those people receiving an intervention with those using standard care (control group).

Aboriginal Medical Services and other relevant health services/GP practices are invited to nominate their interest in being a study site. Each site that is formally recruited will receive reimbursement for the research activities undertaken for the trial.

If your service is in the intervention group, it will receive the training and resources at the start of the project. If your service is in the usual care group, it will be offered training and resources at the end of the project. Pregnant women who are smokers and agree to be in the study will receive a shopping voucher for their participation at each evaluation point.

  • SISTAQUIT™ in pregnancy trial information sheet
  • SISTAQUIT brochure