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Standardised State-wide specialist outpatient referral criteria coming soon

In Central Queensland by PHN Communications

The Queensland Government is standardising referral criteria in order to enable

  • Equitable access
  • Services provided in order of clinical urgency
  • Patient’s ready for care at first specialist appointment

The criteria are referred to as Clinical Prioritisation Criteria (CPC) and aim to provide clinical decision support that will help to ensure patients referred for public specialist outpatient services in Queensland are assessed in order of clinical urgency. The criteria is embedded into the localised HealthPathways and are condition-specific.

In a staggered rollout from July 2018, CPC will be used across CQ Health by both referring practitioners when referring into the Queensland public hospital system, and, Queensland public specialist outpatient services when determining how quickly the patient should be seen (urgency category).

CQ Health, the PHN and Clinical Excellence Division teams are committed to a robust evaluation and believe input from clinicians will enhance the knowledge of the teams to provide appropriate support for the implementation. Please take 2 minutes to complete the below SurveyMonkey and help us to provide a better service to you and your patients.

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