Strengthening Medicare Grants Program: Country to Coast QLD invites eligible practices to participate

In Sunshine Coast by Laura Remy

Exciting news! Today, eligible general practices in the Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay, and Central QLD areas have been invited to apply for the Strengthening Medicare – General Practice Grants Program. This $220 million investment aims to enhance patient access and high-quality care in the region. CCQ is proud to introduce our fully automated process that simplifies the grants application process, demonstrating our PHN’s capabilities and our commitment to harnessing technology for healthcare improvements. Through streamlining the process, this significantly the administration for our already very busy practices, giving more time to do what matters: caring for our communities.

Eligible practices can apply for grants of up to $50,000 to improve digital health capability, upgrade infection prevention and control arrangements, and achieve/maintain RACGP Standards for General Practices accreditation. CCQ is set to commence administering and processing payments to practices as early as next week. Please contact us via email: Applications must be submitted by 5pm, 15th June 2023.