Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service not accepting patient referrals for Wet Macular Degeneration

In Sunshine Coast by PHN Communications

The Sunshine Coast Hospital and Health Service is advising that it will continue the current practice of not being able to accept any new Wet Macular Degeneration patient referrals until the 1st of November 2018. The Caloundra ophthalmology unit will continue to see patients which we have already accepted referrals for or are currently treating.

This is due to unexpected changes in their workforce and the increasing demand for complex emergency ophthalmic patients and escalating clinic workloads.

To address this, the Hospital and Health Service is currently recruiting new and additional Consultant Ophthalmology VMOs and PHO medical officers so we can recommence accepting new referrals for the Macular Degeneration service.

Practitioners are advised to seek alternative options for their patients over this period of time that the HHS cannot accept new referrals. Other options would be 1) private appointments 2) Sending Public referrals to the Royal Brisbane Hospital Ophthalmology unit.

If you have any questions contact the Caloundra Hospital Ophthalmic Clinical Nurse Consultant at or call 54368640 / 54368882.

You can download the letter from the Caloundra Hospital’s Department of Ophthalmology Services here.