Use of My Health Record climbs

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Uptake and use of My Health Record has continued to climb in recent months.

There are now more than 22.81 million records, with over 86% of those containing data.

The Australian Digital Health Agency’s Statistics and Insights document from July 2020 shows the number of records with data increased by more than 28% since March 2020.

A recent survey also revealed 25% of healthcare providers using My Health Record said using system had prevented a medication error.

Uploading shared health summaries is useful for meeting e-Health PIP requirements, but some of the other situations where it might be beneficial to update a patient’s My Health Record include:

– When a new diagnosis is made,

– When there’s a change in medication, immunisation or allergy status,

– When a referral to specialist is made,

– When a patient is about to go travelling, and

– When a health assessment is performed, to name but a few.

My Health Record is increasingly becoming a valuable source of information.

Next time you’re about to pick up the phone to track down some results or other required information you might want to consider checking your patient’s My Health Record for things such as:

– Discharge summaries,

– Pathology or radiology results,

– Event summaries from other providers,

– Medication dispense records, and

– Advance care planning documents.

If you have any questions or would like any assistance with My Health Record please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local contact for practice support or digital health: