What are participants saying about My Health for Life?

In Central Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay by PHN Communications

Since the beginning of my ‘My Health for Life’ Journey, I have felt significant benefits, namely that of my increased self-confidence. I am now more attuned to my body, noting a heightened sense of awareness, enabling me to make the relevant changes to my life long habits. I was well supported within the program and through discussions with my group. I felt more empowered to make initial small changes and to now larger adjustments with no pressure, just my own willingness to share my challenges and modify my behaviour accordingly. I realise this is a life long journey. I know as long as I am moving in a healthier life direction, by valuing myself by giving myself time to keep moving. I know this continues to positively affect other aspects of my daily life.

My strategies to stay motivated, are to remain moving more, continue to eat well and keep anxiety/stress to low levels and manage them through exercise and breathing. I am committed to a healthy living lifestyle-a lifelong learning journey, knowing it can  be challenging at times, and even have some setbacks. It is those small changes as little as a half hour walk a day reduces the risks of chronic disease significantly. Any small change compounded overtime will lead me to live healthier, have a happier body, a happier inner self and longevity. I feel incredibly empowered from the knowledge I have gained and the choices I now make.

To date I have been able to pre-plan food with home cooking, fresh ingredients and eating better with increased quality foods. I have incorporated brisk walks into jogging with a goal to drop two dress sizes which I am adamant in achieving. I am now facing a new challenge of working full-time inside an office environment, while juggling a young family, balancing and insisting in time for myself to move more while maintaining my new life habits whilst my group is on a 3 month break.

The sessions are warm, welcoming, strongly supportive, very encouraging and empowering. The content assists you with a healthy focus including building knowledge and some skills for making educated choices on food and, the body and importance on moving.

Our facilitator is such an inspiration with lots of knowledge and years of her own personal experience as an elite sports woman, she knows challenges, the body and how small a change can make significant life ling changes. As for the program, although it is in its infancy it is a highly regarded and exciting initiative. It is a leading program that is free for those at high risk. It is a success story that has already changed and improved people’s lives dramatically, while, reducing the levels of future chronic disease within our Australian communities.

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This testimonial was provided by Kerstin C, a participant in the Noosa EP Clinic My Health for Life group sessions.