Commonwealth-funded Rapid Antigen Test RACH allocations 

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Rapid Antigen Test (RAT) COVID testing kits will continue to be sent weekly across the aged care sector (specifically Commonwealth-funded HCPs, RACHs, MPSs and NATSIFACs) at no cost until 30 April 2024. 

Quantity depends on the number of staff, residents and visitors expected at your provider. This supply should form part of your surveillance screening at least twice per week and not more than 72 hours apart for staff, or on entry for each visitor. 

You cannot charge residents, workers, or visitors for the use of these RATs. 

All residential aged care homes will receive these RAT kits by default. To opt out of these weekly deliveries, contact the department.  

You can request the volume and frequency needed based on the options below:     

1.       The volume of kits (400, 600, 800, 1200, 2000); and    

2.       Frequency of supply (weekly, fortnightly, or monthly, every 2 months, every 3 months)    

For more information or if you have any questions, contact the Department of Health and Aged Care directly at