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A PRODA account is an online authentication system designed for health professionals and administrators to securely access Health Professional Online Services (HPOS).

This solution is an alternative to the Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) individual certificates (USB tokens) which are used to logon to HPOS. It is a portable solution that requires no additional hardware or software, just internet access.

Settings established in HPOS when using a Medicare PKI individual certificate, such a delegates, favourites and incentive programs, will not be carried over when you log on to HPOS using a PRODA account.

You will need to set them up again when you login to HPOS for the first time using your PRODA account.

How to set up your PRODA and connect digitally to HPOS.

You can find HPOS information and resources here.

You can find PRODA information and resources here.

If you need assistance with your PRODA account, please call 1800 700 199 or email