EOIs open to deliver new mental health screening pilot program

In Sunshine Coast by PHN Communications

The PHN is working in partnership with Black Dog Institute to offer 10 practices in the Sunshine Coast and Gympie area an innovative mental health pilot program. The program will use digital health technology to screen patients in the waiting room and offer treatment options and make recommendations to the patient and the GP.

The Black Dog Institute has developed digital tools to assist with early detection and interventions to promote wellbeing.

The aim of this project is to deliver better screening and treatment to patients. It follows a stepped care approach whereby the patients are recommended treatments based on need and symptoms presented.

The PHN is seeking interest from 10 practices in the Sunshine Coast region to implement the service, designed to support low to moderate intensity mental illness.

The specific benefits of this service include early detection of anxiety, depression, suicidality and risky drinking. For those with mild to moderate issues, it will provide real-time person-centred and evidence-based treatment recommendations to the GPs desktop.

It also allows GPs to monitor the patient’s online progress, incorporating safety and risk monitoring. These added benefits are possible with a free online service that is integrated into the general practice workflow and clinical software.

During the trial period, participant practices can also benefit from expert clinical support provided by the BlackDog Institute, including fast tracked referrals, accredited training and education.

You can complete an Expression of Interest via Tenderlink, here.

For more information on this service download the information pack from Black Dog Institute.

Deadline for Submissions

Applications will close at 5:00pm AEST on Sunday, 20 May 2018.

For more information

Please contact Marco Salvador via email msalvador@ourphn.org.au