Support available for GPs to manage sexual health

In Central Queensland, Sunshine Coast, Wide Bay by PHN Communications

Following the reported case of multi-drug resistant gonorrhoea in Queensland last month, all GPs are being urged to contact their local Sexual Health Service if they suspect a patient may present with vaginal or urethral discharge.

Drug-resistant gonorrhoea exists in many countries, including Australia. However, these latest cases and a recent one in the UK appear to be the first reported that are resistant to ALL of the antibiotics that have been in routine use against gonorrhoea.

GPs should consider a PCR test for chlamydia, gonorrhoea and mycoplasma genitalia and  also collect a micro, culture and sensitivity (MC&S) to check the sensitivities and ensure correct treatment is given.

As the number of gonorrhoea cases has been increasing over the last few years, health practitioners are being urged to encourage all patients to practice safe sex both at home and while travelling.

If required, patients can be referred to their local Sexual Health Clinic for treatment and further management, particularly in the area of contact tracing.

For further information and support, GPs in each area can contact the following:

  • Central Queensland Contact Blood Borne Virus and Sexual Health Service via email
  • Wide Bay – Contact Q Clinic, Wide Bay Sexual Health & HIV Service, Bundaberg
  • Sunshine Coast – Contact Dr Kuong Taing from the Sexual Health clinic in Nambour

You can download Commonwealth Chief Medical Officer, Professor Brendan Murphy’s media statement from April, here.